Millennial Audiences Need Events to Have Technology

Millennial audiences can be puzzling to employers, but given that by 2020 ‘Millennials’ (people born between the 1980s and 2000s) will represent 50% of the workforce, it is increasingly important for employers to be able to engage with them.

Today’s young employees have very different motivations to their elders.Job for life? No thanks; staying in the same place for 30 years would be a pretty depressing thought for the majority. They don’t want to be in an office tied to their desks doing a ten-hour day. They have the good sense to demand they have time for a personal life, and may see flexibility as a given.

At a recent event we did for a financial services client, I was talking to a new recruit. Calling himself a ‘digital nomad’, he is in talks with his manager about continuing to work full-time while he travels from country to country. This is a generation with a new approach to work, and ‘work-life balance’, because of the opportunities they have thanks to technology.

Millennials know technology. Even if they are getting to grips with a new piece of technology, they often still figure it out more quickly and easily than older colleagues. Emailing and messaging definitely appears to be their favourite way to communicate, rather than picking up a phone.

For young people in particular, encouraging them to use their own device to pose questions, take part in polls and provide feedback during a conference works really well. This online form of communication, even when attending a physical event, is how most prefer to communicate (whether that involves sharing meeting notes or cat videos).

OpenMeet can be particularly effective as a tool for you to increase engagement with millennial audiences, while improving their happiness in the workplace. Its features, such as questions submission, commenting, and polling – all through a simple browser-based link – will enable them to communicate more easily and productively with team members.

Young people in the workplace today are confident. They have their opinions and want to share them. Using technology like OpenMeet during a meeting or conference is a sure way to engage this exciting, talented and demanding group.


If you would like to learn more about how OpenMeet can improve your audience engagement, for millennial audiences or on a wider scale, please contact us today.

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