The benefits of live audience polling

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1. Choose what to use OpenMeet for

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2. Choose when you want to use it

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3. Choose which features you want to use

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Step 1: Decide what you want to achieve using OpenMeet

Use OpenMeet to engage your audience

  • The goals of your business are important, and OpenMeet can help you achieve them
  • Break the ice, improve retention of information, get your audience’s opinions and questions, generate leads, and more
  • Request a demo or contact us to get started using OpenMeet, and a member of our team will walk you through its many customisable options

Break the ice

Break the ice

Get real opinions

Get real opinions

Check understanding

Check understanding

Step 2: Decide when you want to use OpenMeet

Use OpenMeet before, during, or after your event – or for all three

Why use OpenMeet before your event?

  • Learn about your audience’s identity and their views before the meeting starts
  • Collect information about audience expectations and what they think are key issues and questions
  • Early audience engagement helps builds relationships
  • Drive elements of your agenda based on early engagement and feedback
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Why use OpenMeet during your event?

  • Allow audiences to ask questions and improve their understanding of any subject matter
  • Stimulate and respond to live discussion and collaboration
  • Monitor your audience’s real-time emotional response
  • Refer to documents you upload to the Materials screen
  • Randomly select audience members for active participation

Why use OpenMeet after your event?

  • Check which attendees retained your meeting’s key messages
  • Get feedback and post-event assessment of the value of your event
  • Generate new leads and marketing information
  • Use the Meeting Report for easy data analysis and CSV downloads

Step 3: Decide which OpenMeet features you want to use

  • Choose one or two, the complete set, or have custom features created for your business
  • The ‘big four’ key features of OpenMeet are: its hugely customisable polls; questions; Randomiser; and ‘Pulse’ audience monitoring
  • Further features include personalised meeting names, interactive word clouds, and using your organisation’s branding and imagery
  • Ask us about bespoke features. Would you like alternative language versions, or perhaps a URL created for an event?

Live audience polling is just the start

The majority of OpenMeet’s features can be switched on or off, shown or hidden, in order to create your ideal audience engagement tool


• Choose a custom password
• The moderator and speaker can exchange private messages
• Approve and edit questions appearing on audience devices

Simpler Can Be Better

• Need simple polls?
• Just want to collect audience questions?
• OpenMeet is highly customisable — only use the features you need

The Art of the Possible

• Enterprise versions for global use
• Choose different settings for meetings
• Bespoke branding, custom URLs, or alternative languages

All Features


Commenting on Questions
Hide Audience Questions
Pre-Meeting Questions
Question Moderation
Speaker Mode
Upvoting of Questions



0-10 Polls
Custom Answer Polls
Entry Polls
Exit Polls
Freeze Voting
Hide Poll Results
Image Polls
In-Meeting Polls
Multiple Answers Polls
NPS Polls
Order Preference Polls
Poll Footers
Post-Polls Message Screen
Quiz Mode
Single Answer Polls
Word Clouds
Yes / No Polls

‘Pulse’ Temperature Check


Hide Pulse Results

‘Randomizer’ Audience Selection


Email-Required Randomizer
Opt-In Randomizer
Unconstrained Randomizer

In-Meeting Information Screen


Email Submission
Hide Information Screen
Web Links

Post-Meeting Screen


Email Submission
Twitter Links
Web Links



CSV Downloads
Meeting Report
Request Attendee Names

Enhanced Customisation


Alternative Language Version
Bespoke Features
Custom Event URL
Custom Welcome Message or Disclaimer
Custom Meeting Name
Custom Visual Theme
Materials Slide
Request Attendee Emails
Request Attendee Names
Set Password

Additional Services


Design Consulting
iPad Hire
Tech Support
  • We knew our client was keen to engage their audience with some kind of technology solution but they were not too clear about which one. Talking with the OpenMeet team was very informative and we were given different options to consider. In the end we used the Polls and Questions features during the event, and shared post-event materials and website links alongside an end of event evaluation, all on the delegates' own devices.

    Account ManagerMedical Communications Agency
  • We wanted to create an interactive poll which engaged our invited guests prior to arrival. This was great in helping us acknowledge their views and shape the agenda to meet their needs. The OpenMeet team worked tirelessly in advance to understand our needs and recommend the best approach. Our delegates loved being asked what they thought in advance and it made for a much more engaged audience.  

    Brand Team LeaderRetail
  • Our clients are very demanding. Lots of ideas and limited budgets. They demand technology solutions that are robust, branded to look like they belong to them, and flexible enough to cope with last minute and in-event changes. Using OpenMeet for the first time, we were excited to see that we could switch different aspects on and off and moderate questions before release. The private chat channel to the presenter on stage was a real added value. The OpenMeet team are very experienced and helped us delight our client.

    Managing DirectorAV Company

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