The Importance of Anonymous Feedback in Company Meetings

What’s the importance of anonymous feedback?

I have never felt so depressed as I did reading once in Management Today how an average worker will spend a year of their lives in useless meetings. One whole year, and that doesn’t include the meetings that were deemed useful! How do we allow that to happen?

Why are meetings called? Do the people organising a meeting take a step back and think – do we need a meeting for this? Equally, does the person accepting the meeting invite ever think – do I need to go to this? It certainly doesn’t look like it.

Stop it right now.  Don’t waste any more of your life in useless meetings. 

Need to make a decision? Group decisions do not need to happen in real time; you can use e-mail, instant messaging, social media or even an old-fashioned paper ballot to make a group decision without having a meeting.

The groupthink problem

Unfortunately, a single individual can easily dominate a meeting. Too many meetings end up simply parroting the opinion of one person. The fear of standing up to the group can lead group members to go along with whatever this powerful individual says; this limits the number of ideas that can be heard and discussed.

The antidote for groupthink

I strongly believe in the importance of anonymous feedback in company meetings, as it results in a far richer spread of opinions and ideas than ones shared publically during a meeting. When everyone is free to express his or her thoughts, opinions and ideas without the fear of standing up to the group, it is much more difficult for a bad idea to gain credence.

People who may be reluctant to express their thoughts in front of the entire group may feel more free to participate if they can remain anonymous. When ideas are anonymous, it can also reduce the ability of one individual to dominate a meeting with his or her own ideas.

For as long as people have been doing business as groups, meetings have been an unfortunate necessity. If you want to avoid groupthink and have truly useful meetings, consider the importance of anonymous feedback in company meetings.

Let the technology speak for itself

One of OpenMeet’s strongest benefits is its ability to generate new ideas and collaboration between event participants. Not only is it quicker to ask employees to answer polls and submit suggestions via a browser link, rather than having a full meeting – it’s also more fun.

Plus, OpenMeet participants can remain anonymous, which allows everyone to give their opinion and easily minimises peer pressure or more charismatic individuals dominating the conversation.

We have found that once our clients have used OpenMeet once, they will use it again for other purposes. One client used OpenMeet for a conference, and liked the functionality so much that they have incorporated it into their departmental meetings as a way of gathering topics and questions beforehand.


If you’re still struggling with how to make your meetings more effective, maybe we can help. Contact us to explore how OpenMeet could be tailored to your needs.

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