What can you do with the Questions feature?

What does your audience want to know?

Learn more about your audience and what is important to them, respond to their questions in real-time, and review their questions post-event.


Allow delegates to comment on questions in order to encourage discussion and collaboration.


The most upvoted questions move to the top of the question list, reflecting your audience’s interests. Once a question has been addressed, you can remove it from the screen completely, or send it to an ‘Answered Questions’ section.

Speaker Mode

If your event touches on sensitive subjects, make use of our variety of options for meeting moderation. Questions must then be approved by a moderator before being released to the audience’s devices. Other features include a private message channel to the presenter, and the ability to hide all questions from audience members except their own.

Submit questions beforehand

Participants can submit and vote on questions ahead of time — allowing you to hear what they really think in advance, and respond appropriately.