What can you do with the Polls feature?

Choose from a variety of poll types:

Single Answer Poll

Participants choose one answer only.

Multiple Answers Poll

Participants can choose more than one answer.

Yes/No Poll

Participants give a “Yes” or “No” answer.

Image Poll

When creating the polls, use images as fun answer options instead of text.

NPS 0-10 Poll

Gain valuable net presenter scores by having participants answer questions on a scale of 0-10.

Order Preference Poll

Participants rank options by ‘dropping and dragging’ according to their preference.

Custom Answer Poll

Participants can enter a free text answer. You can choose to restrict the size of the text box to encourage briefer answers.

Word Cloud

Create a real-time word cloud that reflects the diverse views of your audience.

Quiz Mode

Encourage learning by turning polls into quizzes. Simply choose at least one ‘correct’ and one ‘incorrect’ answer.

Freeze Voting

Enable this feature to prevent participants from changing their votes.

Entry Polls

If enabled, this type of poll must be answered in order to join the meeting, making them a quick and effective way of learning more about your audience.

In-Meeting Polls

These polls can be triggered at any time during the meeting.

Exit Polls

Shown on the post-meeting screen once the meeting has ended.

Hide results from audience

Participants will see poll results as soon as they vote, but with our Pro options you can choose to hide them.