OpenMeet is an audience response tool providing simple, engaging, and inspiring audience interaction

Better, Fewer Meetings

Engage more quickly and effectively. Hear what delegates tell you in real-time. Create an environment that involves your audience in decision-making and moves the debate forward effectively.

Honest and Open Conversations

Encourage your audience to tell you what you really want to know. Stimulate debate and use temperature checks to see the real questions in the room.

Shape Collective Engagement

Great presentations deserve productive conversations. Collaborate through questions, polls, and uploaded documents to reinforce learning.

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OpenMeet Features

An audience response tool that provides a new way to engage.
Share a web-based link and immediately connect delegates.

Receive Audience Questions

  • Choose between open or moderated Q&A
  • Upvoting of questions reveals key issues
  • Take questions before, during, and after your event
  • Enable Speaker Mode to use the moderator-speaker private message channel

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Poll Your Audience

  • Create polls pre-event, in-event, or post-event
  • Polls appear on audience devices in real-time
  • Easily create polls during events to seek live opinions
  • Use surveys to group related polls onto one page
  • Enable Quiz Mode to display correct and incorrect answers

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Check Your Audience’s Pulse

  • Learn with a one-touch interaction what delegates think
  • Ask if they agree or disagree with the discussion
  • Understand how your audience is feeling at any time

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Randomizer Audience Selection

  • Select a member of your virtual or live event, e.g. to receive a task
  • Use as an ice-breaker or to lighten the mood!

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Surveys & Follow-Up Options

  • Direct to a “Meeting has ended” screen, with optional web links, social media links, and exit surveys
  • Delegates leaving early can still receive exit surveys
  • Set up an email submission form with a custom call-to-action

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Detailed Meeting Reports

  • View a summary of your meeting, and export data in CSV files
  • Print poll results charts and word clouds – as a whole, per poll, or per individual delegate’s responses
  • Download reports on polling, questions, Pulse, and surveys
  • Track calls-to-action to better analyse your data

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And much more…

Custom URL & Meeting Name

Our meetings have custom names. Enhance your meeting’s identity with a custom URL.

Password Protection

If your meeting contains sensitive information, enable password protection.

Name & Email Prompts

Prompt each joining attendee for their name/email to create profiles and generate new leads.

Welcome Message

Create a welcome message or disclaimer and give information or explain industry-specific requirements.

Themes & Branding

Brand your OpenMeet technology with your company’s logo and colour scheme.

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  • We knew our client was keen to engage their audience with some kind of technology solution but they were not too clear about which one. Talking with the OpenMeet team was very informative and we were given different options to consider. In the end we used the Polls and Questions features during the event, and shared post-event materials and website links alongside an end of event evaluation, all on the delegates' own devices.

    Account ManagerMedical Communications Agency
  • We wanted to create an interactive poll which engaged our invited guests prior to arrival. This was great in helping us acknowledge their views and shape the agenda to meet their needs. The OpenMeet team worked tirelessly in advance to understand our needs and recommend the best approach. Our delegates loved being asked what they thought in advance and it made for a much more engaged audience.  

    Brand Team LeaderRetail
  • Our clients are very demanding. Lots of ideas and limited budgets. They demand technology solutions that are robust, branded to look like they belong to them, and flexible enough to cope with last minute and in-event changes. Using OpenMeet for the first time, we were excited to see that we could switch different aspects on and off and moderate questions before release. The private chat channel to the presenter on stage was a real added value. The OpenMeet team are very experienced and helped us delight our client.

    Managing DirectorAV Company

Additional Services


The OpenMeet team can be present at your meeting to make sure that you maximise the technology’s benefits, and to reduce any delivery risks.


We can design your branding, create bespoke themes and logos, and match the event or company colours.

Presenter Training

Our skilled team can offer training to enhance presenter and facilitation expertise, as well as coaching for onstage and audience engagement techniques.

iPads, Devices & Hardware

OpenMeet can supply and deliver branded devices and laptops, uniquely configured for your event — allowing you to fully engage all delegates.

Apps & Tools

We have a rich experience in the development, sourcing and supply of the right mobile apps and online tools. Not sure what you need? Talk to us today.

Virtual Engagement

Considering your options for audience engagement? Whether online or in a blended learning environment, we understand and have access to the best tools on the market.